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Introduction to the Organization

Raysanga Global Patrons Foundation is Unique Foundation of its kind as well as Innovative Foundation formed as an outcome of inspiration inherited from our ancestors since eleven generations Great Grandfather namely Raysanga Pandya originating from a native village Umreth in Gujarat State at India, and put forth as Global Not for Profit Organization serving globally supporting categorically; Nature-Environment-Creatures-Humans, into a Global Perpetual Entity as Raysanga Global Patrons Foundation by The Founder Group President Rushikant Ghanshyamlal Pandya, The Founder Group Vice President Mrs. Smita w/o Rushikant G Pandya in 2010, in India and Canada, assisted, supported and inherited by next generation legal heirs Senior Nachiketa, Junior Shivang.

Company Highlights


  • RGPF is a Global Family just as “World is one Family “ - “Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam”
  • RGPF believes globally – “Divinity dwells in all species”- “Vasudeva Sarvamiti”
  • RGPF is imbibed with a vision to be an innovative leader in community welfare while serving Nature, Creatures...Read More


The Mission of RGPF is to care, nurture, support, assist, serve Nature-Creatures-Human beings undergoing The Journey of Life from Birth unto Death as well as beyond that in their growing age needs being female or male as an Infant-Child-Youth-Adult-Senior to sustain, educate, empower esteem and growth, to improve, enhance Health-Wellness-Quality of life in integration process...Read More


  • To make the efforts to identify, promote and develop active participation of the community through existing support groups, volunteer development events and various related services with a precise as well as specific focus on deprived downtrodden disadvantaged and marginalized groups...Read More

"Fundraising is built upon RGPF

Raysanga Group is an outcome of an ancestral inheritance from Great Grand Father Raysanga Pandya. This group originates from a native village Umreth in Gujarat state, India which consists of: Global Not for Profit Foundation, namely; RGPF – Raysanga Global Patrons Foundation.

Individually Owned & Operated, Not for Profit Foundation

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