Information and Orientation Services (Formerly ISAP)

This program introduced in 1993, allowed RGPF to address the settlement needs of immigrant and convention refugees. This program provides settlement and integration services to newcomers by providing the information they need to better understand life in Canada and make informed decisions about their settlement needs;  enhance language training so that they have the language skills to function in Canada; provide referral based required assistance to find employment that corresponds with their skills and education; and help them to establish networks and contacts so that they are engaged and feel welcomed in their communities.

The activities are Information & Awareness Services, Needs Assessment and Referrals and Support Services.

This program enables the newcomers to have timely, useful and accurate information that they need to make informed settlement decisions; and newcomers understand life in Canada, including laws, rights, responsibilities and how to access community resources.

Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) services are also provided for parents who attend info sessions and workshops.

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