Supportive Counselling for Victims of Domestic Violence

Supportive Counselling for Victims of Domestic Violence emphasizes holding group sessions in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner for two different groups- Farsi/Dari speakers vs. Urdu/Hindi speakers. The support group for domestic violence model is based on sharing information about basic resources in the community and how to access them. The project teaches coping and survival skills in a culturally sensitive manner and help victims relate to each other and practice skills imparted during one-on-one counseling.

The project assists in providing supportive counselling to Victims of Domestic Violence on a weekly basis. The project enhances the clients’ psychological empowerment process. The support group is organized to address the issue of isolation faced by the victims of domestic violence and strengthen a client centered group counseling model to educate them about the existing resources and how they canavail the resources to their best advantage.

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