Raysanga Group is an outcome of an ancestral inheritance from Great Grand Father Raysanga Pandya. This group originates from a native village Umreth in Gujarat state, India which consists of:

Global Not for Profit Foundation, namely;

RGPF – Raysanga Global Patrons Foundation.

Website http://rgpf.org/

Individually Owned & Operated, Not for Profit Foundation

Federally Incorporated as 6049649 Canada Foundation, Serving:

Nature, Environment, Creatures, Human beings of all age-groups for empowerment and education as well as for settlement and integration related support services globally aimed at Community Welfare, Spiritual Upliftment while serving, acting locally in India, Canada.

Two small businesses namely;

FCGA – Financialcafé Corporate Global Accountants.

Website http://rgpfcga.com/

Individually Owned & Operated Corporation.

Federally Incorporated as 6049673 Canada Corporation, Serving:

Valuable Clients by providing Financial Services, Controllership, Corporate Governance Analysis, Informed Investment Interface, Individual Corporate Taxation and Accounting, Auditing services to Small-Medium-Large Businesses.

RGPFL – Raysanga Global Projects Forum Limited.

Website http://rgpfl.com/

Individually Owned & Operated Corporation.

Federally Incorporated as 6056769 Canada Limited, serving:

Valuable Clients for empowerment and education, Settlement and Integration Related Support Services aimed at growth as well as community welfare across the globe.