Projects Proposed

HOME– Home Overseas Mothers’ Esteem – MAMTA – ASMITA. – Rushikant G Pandya.

– Projects of HOME where Mothers’ Esteem and Elegance, Warmth of love & affection made available to International Students, Newcomers, Seniors being a part of Community Welfare.

Prakruti–Paryavaran -Pashu-Prajati- Shaishav – Mugdha – Tarun – Yauvan – Parinay -Jara Sanyas.

Nature– Environment –Creatures – Infants- Adolescents- Youths- Married Couples- Seniors – Monks

NIRVANA – Nirvana Incarnation Renders Versatile Apex Novel Achievement – Rushikant G Pandya.

NIRVANA DHAM – Projects of Crematorium and Visitation Centre at India and Canada.

RGPF is an organization not for profit where Service as well as Welfare and Spiritual Upliftment are the most valuable prime principles at Raysanga Global Patrons Foundation; be a member to donate.

Annual Membership> Individual – $12, Couple – $24, Family – $72, Community – $1200

Corporates – $360, Institutional – $720, Industrial -$2400, Membership for Life – $780. click here

Wise Donors always donate during life till they breathe last to live memorial life beyond death.

Donations are welcomed to nurture assistance, development, enhancement, growth of soul welfare.

Donation Denominations – $25, $50, $75, $100, $500, $1000,
(Please enter your Payment methods data on the settings pages.)
Voluntary Above Denominations – $________. click here

For donations in kind towards Nature, Environment, Creatures, Human Beings. click here.

Projects – Canada Annual Membership (Please enter your Payment methods data on the settings pages.)
Motherhood Individual $12
Nature Couple $24
Environment Family $72
Creatures For Life, you live once $780
Infants Community $1200
Children Corporates $360
Adolescents Institutional $720
Youths – Students Industrial $2400
Married Couples    
Projects – India Annual Membership (Please enter your Payment methods data on the settings pages.)
Mamta – Asmita Individual $12
Prakruti Couple $24
Paryavaran Family $72
Pashu – Prajati For Life, you live once $780
Shaishav Community $1200
Mugdha Corporates $360
Tarun Institutional $720
Yauvan Industrial $2400
Nirvan – Moksha