Vision & Mission


  • RGPF is a Global Family just as “World is one Family “ – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam”
  • RGPF believes globally – “Divinity dwells in all species”- “Vasudeva Sarvamiti”
  • RGPF is imbibed with a vision to be an innovative leader in community welfare while serving Nature, Creatures, Human Communities by providing multicultural multilingual multidimensional support services to the respective categorical communities of each across the globe.
  • RGPF strives best to provide a complete range of services to our clients, continually identify and develop innovative various projects events programs that address the evolving forthcoming needs of diverse multicultural communities across the globe.
  • RGPF develops endeavor to be stable and financially sound in order to sustain growth while it strengthens existing programs continually.


The Mission of RGPF is to care, nurture, support, assist, serve Nature-Creatures-Human beings undergoing The Journey of Life from Birth unto Death as well as beyond that in their growing age needs being female or male as an Infant-Child-Youth-Adult-Senior to sustain, educate, empower esteem and growth, to improve, enhance Health-Wellness-Quality of life in integration process with respective spiritual cultural heritage towards an incarnation of soul to realize fullest potential to be the most valuable creators with captioned value added across the globe as contributing members of The Global Family.


  • To make the efforts to identify, promote and develop active participation of the community through existing support groups, volunteer development events and various related services with a precise as well as specific focus on deprived downtrodden disadvantaged and marginalized groups.
  • To identify, support, assist, educate and empower newcomers, International Students to Canada in their settlement and integration into Canadian Society and Culture through settlement related services, language improvement programs, Jobs, Skills-Sets training, Volunteer Development Programs, Seminars, Webinars, Concerts and various other related support services.
  • To organize events to promote awareness on Health, Wellness, Educational Workshops, Counselling, Seminars, Studies, Researches, Talk Shows to uplift the knowledge of the art of living and enhance spiritual level among all age groups in community.